The Lawton Group is intensely aware of the Government’s requirement for quality construction that adheres to plans and specifications. Our self-certification for quality is achieved by utilizing the three-phase quality control program as implemented by the USACE, including Preparatory, Initial and Follow-Up phases. This methodology is implemented by our on-site Quality Control Manager who creates daily reports and conveys any quality issues to our CEO.

Each of these phases is a Definable Feature of Work (DFOW), which are distinct tasks with unique control requirements. Our responsibility is to perform each control phase flawlessly in order to eliminate the need to rework any of the phases, preventing costly mistakes.


Preparatory Phase

Examples include: submittals review and approval, reviewing contract drawings, specifications, safety requirements, test requirements, activity hard analysis, materials inspection, etc.


Initial Phase

At the beginning of each DFOW, this phase is performed and documented, which helps to achieve early agreement upon quality. This phase allows work to begin on the right note, in compliance with contract requirements and establishes workmanship quality and standards. At this time, safety standards and testing procedures are established.


Follow-Up Phase

The final phase for each DFOW is the inspection and documentation of the finished work. This ensures compliance with contract requirements and confirms workmanship. The follow-up phase is performed on a predetermined basis as required to ensure contract compliance.